October 22, 2021

Around the dial

So what's on tap this week? Plenty, that's what!

At bare•bones e-zine, Jack's Hitchcock Project features the fifth of Joel Murcott's offerings, the fourth-season thriller "Man with a Problem," starring Gary Merrill, Mark Richman, Elizabeth Montgomery, and a satisfying twist ending that I'm positive you'll fall for.

Dave Garroway was an endlessly interesting man, and at Garroway at Large, Jodie lets us in on one of his pre-Today adventures, the Chicago late-night radio show The 11:60 Club, 11:60 being otherwise known as 12:00 midnight. It ends with a great example of how it pays to be the right man in the right place at the right tine. 

"The Evil of the Daleks" is something of a redundancy, I suppose—when, after all, are they not evil? But it also makes for a sinister Doctor Who story from the Patrick Troughton era, as Fire-Breathing Dimetroden Time relates. And speaking of the Daleks, there's more in store at this site this weekend—stay tuned.

At Comfort TV, David takes a look at I Love Lucy at 70. It's hard to imagine Lucy being 70 freaking years old, isn't it? Especially when you watch it in crisp prints, or even ones that have been colorized. The main reason we don't want to think it's that old, I suspect, is because it speaks to our own one-way journey down the finite highway.

Cult TV Blog turns back to the late-60s series The Champions, and the episode "The Final Countdown." What's not to like about an episode that, as John points out, features "Nazi war criminals intent on world domination, unexploded bombs and only The Champions standing between them and their ambition"? I'm there!

Betty Lynn, whom we all know and love as Thelma Lou from The Andy Griffith Show, died this week, aged 95, and at A Shroud of Thoughts, Terence has a look back at the long and successful career of a woman whom Terence says was "known for her sweetness and kindness." 

Finally, a little self-promotion once again, as I'm talking Search with Dan on Episode 114 of Eventually Supertrain. How can you possibly resist spies, apes and doppelgangers? The answer is, you can't. TV  


  1. Thanks, Mitchell! I see what you did there...

  2. I Love Lucy at 70...this gives me perspective as Lucy and Desi's real son appeared on an early cover of the guide in spring 1953. I was born 6 months later. No wonder I have been addicted to TV for the last 68 years....


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