October 15, 2021

Around the dial

I wouldn't have first-hand knowledge of this, but I'd imagine that when you've been lampooned in the pages of Mad magazine, you know you've made it. Dave Garroway certainly did, and at Garroway at Large Jodie has the story of The Dave Garrowunway Show.

I think we're all familiar with certain shots or sound effects that keep popping up in movies and TV shows over and over again, and at Cult TV Blog John follows the "famous ITC white Jaguar" as it plummets over the cliff. This week: "Something for a Rainy Day" on The Baron.

I've never been a huge Halloween buff, but I do have fond memories of dressing up and going door-to-door when I was of an age ("Don't eat any candy that hasn't been wrapped!"); today, it's more of an occasion for looking at the treasure trove of Halloween TV movies, as seen by David at Comfort TV.

The premiere of the 25th James Bond movie (and the last of the Daniel Craig era) prompts reflections by Rick at Classic Film & TV Cafe, who ranks all 25 of them from worst to best, and the Secret Sanctum of Captain Video, where the retrospective is on how it all began.

David DePatie, who produced television's Bugs Bunny Show and then, with his partner Friz Freleng, went on to bring the animated character from the Pink Panther opening credits to life as a long-running Saturday morning cartoon, died last month at 91; Terence looks at his career at A Shroud of Thoughts.

This weekend marks the return of SerlingFest in Binghamton, New York, and one of the speakers is none other than Shadow & Substance's Paul Gallagher, talking about Serling's skill at adapting short stories for Night Gallery. His work on TZ wasn't bad, either. TV  


  1. Darn! I looked for the Serling Con and couldn't find it. Now it's too late for me to go. I would have gone!


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