October 1, 2021

Around the dial

I'm generally a sucker for courtroom dramas. Maybe it's all the years I spent watching Perry Mason (which has the best of them, by the way), but whenever I run across one, I'll generally stop and see if it's worth watching. (There's one major exception to that; the two-part QB VII, which represents VI hours of my life I'll never get back.) If you're like me, check out David's entry at Comfort TV on three memorable cases from classic TV.

The third of those three cases is from The Addams Family, and the Secret Sanctum of Captain Video gives us a look at the animated version from 1973, which hews closely to Charles Addams's original characters. Be sure to keep reading, to see the Addams Family comic book!

I'm not much for using this blog as a confessional, but I have to confess that I've never been a fan of Lucille Ball. I don't make this as an authoritative statement, that you have to agree with me or else, it just is what it is. But that doesn't stop me from reading Television's Last Frontier: The 1960s and this look at the The Lucy Show from 1962, with some very interesting background information.

I missed the phonomenon that was Rich Man, Poor Man, which wasn't carried in the World's Worst Town, so I probably wouldn't have watched the sequel, Book II, when it aired in 1976; of course, I didn't get the choice, since that wasn't shown up there either. But thanks to Drunk TV, I'm still able to get a feel of this rushed, but entertaining, miniseries.

At Cult TV, John focuses once again on The Avengers (but who wouldn't, given the chance?), with an episode which has a title too long to reprint here, so I'll just call it "(Stop Me If You've Heard This One)." As befits such a title, it has a star-studded comedic guest cast including John Cleese; it also gives us a chance to recall that while Tara King may not be Mrs. Peel, she does have a way of growing on you. TV  

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