June 19, 2020

Around the dial

I'm not a drinking man, but it seems as if it helps to be one any time you turn on your TV nowadays. Somehow, though, they don't seem to have the same motive as you and I have today.

At bare•bones e-zine, Jack introduces us to Harold Swanton, the latest in the Hitchcock Project, and his first effort for Alfred Hitchcock Presents: "Premonition," the second episode of the series, starring John Forsythe, who just happened to be starring in Hitchcock's new film, The Trouble with Harry, which had opened nine days before.

David points out something important in this week's Comfort TV: you can learn a lot from classic TV shows of the past. In this case, a look at a lesson in life courtesy of The Brady Bunch. Great stuff.

Interesting piece up at Cult TV Blog, where John looks at a unique film from 1976, made by The Children's Film Foundation, entitled "One Hour to Zero." It's a rich-in-period-details look at what happens when a nuclear power plant moves into your neighborhood.

The wonderful Jodie, who will appear at this site with a guest column next Wednesday, checks in at Garroway at Large with a link to the legendary radio program of the past, NBC's Monitor, which prominently featured the Master Communicator. And by the way, you'll love next Wednesday's piece.

Lawman was one of the last of the Warner Bros. westerns, and its final season is the subject at Television's New Frontier: the 1960s. You'll enjoy not only a comprehensive rundown of this underrated western, there are also some nice shots of the series' merchandise tie-ins.

Finally, I'm assuming that you're all retro fans, and you obviously enjoy reading or you wouldn't be here, so you might want to go to Martin Grams' website for this story and subscription offer for the magazine Retro FanTV  

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