July 13, 2018

Around the dial

Politics is such a contentious thing today, and television has done more than its share to promote that; the Broadcasting Archives at the University of Maryland takes us back to a day when broadcasters offered a helpful pamphlet, rather than unhelpful arguments.

At Once Upon a Screen, Aurora takes us back for a look at The Golden Girls, from conception to execution. I'll admit I was never a fan of this series, but that doesn't prevent me from steering a story -your way, especially when it's as well-written and informative as this!

Over at Bob Crane: Life & Legacy, Carol has some great pictures from behind the scenes at a Hogan's Heroes photo shoot for the November 19, 1966, cover of TV Guide, in support of an inside story on Robert Clary. I happen to have that issue; a very good profile of Clary, who was a concentration camp survivor himself and understood well the difference between that and a POW camp.

Gotta hand it to Dan at Some Polish American Guy - he always knows how to highlight the best parts of BJ and the Bear, if you know what I mean. This week it's the season three episode "Beauties and the Beast." Oh, and by the way, I hope you're enjoying our review of Bourbon Street Beat over at the Eventually Supertrain podcast; Dan is such a gracious host!

Always glad to see The Classic TV History Blog come back to life, even if it's only occasionally; here, Stephen has a nice remembrance of Harlan Ellison, including an interview he did with him early in Stephen's career.

At Classic Television Showbiz, Kliph gives us some terrific video of the great Gene Krupa, performing on The Tonight Show in 1962 with guest host Donald O'Connor.

I'd be remiss if I didn't stop over at Television Obscurities, where Robert takes a moment out to remember Tab Hunter, who died this week aged 86, and who starred in the very obscure Tab Hunter Show back in 1961-62.

And you didn't think I'd leave out part three of Jodie's look at the life and times of Jack Lescoulie over at Garroway at Large, did you? TV  

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