May 22, 2020

Around the dial

And they say men don't like to go shopping. I remember when department stores had a room like this for console sets. Of course, I also remember department stores.

Speaking of shopping, big news: The Electronic Mirror is now available for the Kindle! At a price of only $2.99, you've got absolutely no excuse for not buying it. And since my job has become a victim of the virus-related economic downturn, your unemployed scribe could use a few royalties. All three of my books are now available as ebooks; you can get all the details here.

Boy, does this speak to me: Comfort TV's "get off my lawn" list of five annoying sitcom kids. The only difference between David and me is that I don't restrict my shouting to sitcoms with kids; it covers, oh, perhaps 95% of the shows on TV today. I might be underestimating, though.

At Garroway at Large, Jodie continues her bits & pieces features with a look at five-year-old Dave's first car: a wooden build-it-yourself with his grandfather. It was a sporty drive, too: zero to six with two Eskimo Pies.

The latest issue in The Twilight Zone Vortex's look at The Twilight Zone Magazine takes us to January/February, 1983. What's in store? An interview with Roald Dahl, a look at the past year in fantasy films, the story behind "Carol For Another Christmas," and more.

My sympathies to John at Cult TV Blog, who's had a stressful past few weeks; know what you mean, brother. What better way to relax than with one of his favorite Avenger episodes, "Death's Door." I have to get this series back in the queue.

An unravished bride is a terrible thing to waste; in this week's Hitchcock Project at bare•bones e-zine, Jack looks at the Morton Fine and David Friedkin episode "Thou Still Unravished Bride," with performances from the young actors Sally Kellerman and David Carradine.

Yet another classic TV veteran passes on with the death of Fred Willard this week, and at A Shroud of Thoughts Terence looks at the long and vital career of this "very nice man."

Plus, of course, some of my fellow TV bloggers participated in the National Classic Movie Day blogathon last Saturday, so be sure to check them out as well. TV  

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