May 15, 2020

Around the dial

I quite enjoy these Twilight Zone comic books that Jordan is sharing at The Twilight Zone Vortex, and this week's story from 1972, with the description "An actor goes before the camera—with murder as a co-star!" is no exception. I love the pulp feel of it!

It's good to hear from Carol at Bob Crane: Life & Legacy that all is well with the gang there, and we can expect another installment of the podcast in the near future. Keep up the good work and take care of yourselves!

It's always fun when characters crossover into the realm belonging to other character,s—for example, when George Reeves (as Superman) appears on I Love Lucy—and that's David's focus at Comfort TV this week. You'll enjoy looking at his favorite character team-ups.

Ace in the Hole, Billy Wilder's scathing look at "the dark side" of human nature, is the topic at Classic Film & TV Café. It contains a powerful performance by Kirk Douglas and a cold-blooded one by Jan Sterling; Rick says it's "not among the director's best," but still a good one.

It's another of Jodie's odds and ends at Garroway at Large; this time, his bemused musings on what America might have been like if Sir Martin Frobisher and come a little farther south instead of discovering Hudson Bay. Would the continent be named after him and not Americus Vespucci? The kind of speculation I love to engage in myself.

I never watched The King of Queens, so I know Jerry Stiller best from his work with wife Anne Meara (and for being the father of the obnoxious Ben Stiller, YMMV, but that's for another day), but Terence at A Shroud of Thought has a very good retrospective of a long and successful career.

Little Richard died this week as well, and at The Hits Just Keep on Comin', JB shares his own memories of the singer, along with a roundup of comments and thoughts from around the internet.

You won't want to miss tomorrow here at the blog: it's a rare double-header, with the weekly TV Guide review joined by my contribution to the National Classic Movie Day BlogathonTV  

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