May 1, 2020

Around the dial

One thing we can surely use nowadays is positive thinking, and David has a thought at Comfort TV that is both positive and comforting: no one can take classic TV away from us. "The ability to watch a great series from the past is not impacted by season, by weather, by labor disputes, by travel restrictions, or even by global pandemics."

At The Twilight Zone Vortex, this week's sojourn into the TZ comic book comes from May, 1963. It's called "The Last Battle," and let's hope that's not a prophetic title! Thanks to Jordan for bringing these to us!

"The Sergeant Wore Skirts" wouldn't fit very well into the story of that last battle, would it? But, as Hal points out at The Horn Section, it's a perfect fit for this week's look at Love That Bob! Bob does get himself into some situations, doesn't he?

Jodie has some fun tidbits from the life of Dave Garroway at Garroway at Large, from a sleek car to help for balding heads. I should have such thin hair.

The new frontier in this week's Television's New Frontier: the 1960s is the 1961 season of The Joey Bishop Show, the first for the series. If you're a fan of the show, you might not recognize it  in this incarnation; the premise and supporting cast changes for the next season, even though the first is also the most successful in terms of ratings.

At TV Confidential, you can now find part one of Ed Robertson's interview with Donna Mills, now available for on-demand listening.

Tomorrow, return to a time that seems simpler in retrospect, although it might not have been that way at the time, with another TV Guide. TV  

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