May 8, 2020

Around the dial

I can't imagine the hosts of today's Today doing commercials or selling products, but when Dave Garroway hosted the show, he was known as one of the great commercial pitchmen of the medium. Jodie has an example at Garroway at Large that's dog-gone fun!

The fourth-season drama "Passage on the Lady Anne" is the subject of The Twilight Zone Vortex; it's a tense, atmospheric, and ultimately moving drama from Charles Beaumont that, as Jordan and Bryan point out, is one of the finest of the hour-long episodes.

The Alfred Hitchcock episodes of Morton Fine and David Friedkin continue at bare•bones e-zine as Jack looks at "Crimson Witness," with a cast you'll recognize, including Peter Lawford, Joanna Moore, Julie London and Roger C. Carmel.

It's been a grim year for many reasons, including the number of celebrities passing on, and Terence talks about the latest at A Shroud of Thoughts: Shirley Knight, India Adams, Irrfan Khan, Sam Lloyd, and Florian Schneider.

Remember Dabbs Greer? Those Were The Days does, as will anyone who's watched classic television. It sometimes seems as if he appeared at least once on every television series that ever aired. And he also married not one but two of the most iconic couples in TV history.

At The Hits Just Keep On Comin', JB looks at the great Eddy Arnold, one of the first crossover artists (including "Make the World Go Away") and a familiar face on television in the 1960s, including Kraft Music Hall. He was always a class act.

I'll try to keep the hits coming tomorrow with another TV Guide. Same bat-time, same bat-channel. TV  


  1. Thanks for proliferating my Eddy Arnold post. I appreciate it, and I enjoy your stuff here very much.


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