Top Ten

ack in 2013, I undertook the challenge of profiling the television programs that constitute my personal Top Ten list. I don’t claim that these are the ten greatest series of all time; that would be presumptuous. However, I do presume to identify those shows that mean the most to me. These aren't academic histories or encyclopedic entries; rather, they’re personal memories of shows that, through the years, have brought me delight, influenced my way of thinking and doing, left their indelible traces imprinted on me. Think of it as a memoir of my life as seen on TV.

Many of these posts originally had links to videos or other web content - if you find that a link has broken or a video disappeared, please drop me an email at the address shown on the "Contact Me" tab.  Have fun!


  1. A fair list, my personal favorite is Doctor who.

    1. It was there for me as well for a long time. I'd say that all through the time I watched the classic version, it was at #1.


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