July 9, 2013

Blogging on Me-TV. Oh, and it's Christmas in July, too!

As I've mentioned in the past, I'm a proud member of the Classic TV Blog Association, and from time to time we engage in a blogathon - a week of concerted blogging by members on a specific topic.  Our next one begins next week, July 15, and takes as its theme the classic programs being shown currently on Me-TV.

There are some great articles on the way, including one a week from today by yours truly.  I'd call it a secret, but since it's on the posted lineup along with the rest of the blogs, that would probably be disingenious at best.  (Spoiler alert: It's Burke's Law!)

Please do us all a favor - as well as yourself - and check out the blogathon.  These are excellent blogs written by people who not only have a knowledge of classic TV, they also have a deep affection for it.  You might already be familiar with many of these shows; on the other hand, you could be reading about them for the first time.

In any event, look through the schedule below (and go to the CTBA website for updates), and enjoy!

Monday, July 15
Columbo ("The Most Dangerous Match") - Made for TV Mayhem
The Fugitive ("Corner of Hell") - Classic Film & TV Cafe
The Green Hornet - Ramblings of a Broadway, Film, and TV Fan
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Outspoken & Freckled
That Girl ("Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid") - Christmas TV History

Tuesday, July 16
Adam-12 - Comet Over Hollywood
Burke's Law - It's About TV
Family Affair - Michael's TV Tray
The Honeymooners - The Lady Eve's Reel Life
Make Room for Daddy - How Sweet It Was (Aurora)

Wednesday, July 17
The Mothers-in-Law - Thrilling Days of Yesteryear
The Odd Couple - Classic Sports TV and Media
Route 66 - The Stalking Moon
Svengoolie - Journeys in Classic Film
Working Women of Classic TV - Broadcasting Archives at the University of Maryland

Thursday, July 18
Car 54, Where Are You? - The Horn Section
The Dick Van Dyke Show - Classicfilmboy's Movie Paradise
Dragnet - Comfort TV
I Dream of Jeannie - Noir and Chick Flicks
The Rifleman - How Sweet It Was (Harold)

Friday, July 19
Bewitched , Bothered, and Belittled - Christy's Inkwells
Columbo - How Sweet It Was (Paul)
Leave It to Beaver: A Father's Journey - Embarrassing Treasures
Family Affair - Silver Scenes
Rhoda - Made for TV Mayhem
Thriller - The Last Drive in


While we're on the subject, you might have noticed Joanna Wilson's Christmas TV History blogathon on the schedule for Monday, July 15 (with a Christmas episode of That Girl).  This month, Joanna is also celebrating Christmas in July, when she turns her blog over to her readers to share their Christmas TV memories.  This year, the topic is animation, and Joanna has graciously given me some space to talk about the classic Rankin-Bass special The Little Drummer Boy.  Joanna also had some kind things to say about the blog, which I reciprocate in kind - if you love Christmas and you love TV (in that order), you should make her blog a regular part of your schedule.  And while you're at it, Joanna has also written some terrific books on Christmas TV shows; they should definitely be on my bookshelf, and yours as well.

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