January 30, 2015

A deal for our readers, classic movies, tragic anniversaries, and Happy Birthday Dorothy Malone!

As is (too) often the case, it's time for me to play catch-up.  I've got announcements, emails from readers, requests for information, and more.  Let's get right to it, shall we?

A new benefit for our readers.  I've recently become acquainted with The Movie and Music Network, a website that offers streaming movies and music.  The good folks at MMN asked me to take a look around at the site, which offers all kinds of classic movies, foreign flicks, silent films, and more.  Best of all for us classic TV fans, there's a network devoted to our genre as well, with some very worthwhile shows for you to check out.

And now here's the good news.  A month’s subscription of unlimited streaming is ordinarily $5.99, but the Network has graciously offered my readers half-off of your first month.  To take advantage, just email Sonia at sonia@movieandmusicnetwork.com with the promo code “MITCHELL” to take advantage of this offer.

I'll be checking in from time to time with news on programs you might want to investigate, and why.  And speaking of which...

Happy Birthday Dorothy Malone & John Ireland!  Today's the 90th birthday of Dorothy Malone, and the 101st birthday of John Ireland.  Malone is, of course, known to classic TV fans for Peyton Place, and classic movie fans with a sharp eye and memory will remember her from her brief but memorable appearance in The Big Sleep.  In both of those roles, as well as so many through her career, she had a presence and appearance that caused you to turn your head and look - and remember.  Quite by accident, I read that she lives right here in Dallas, and with a little research - sure enough, she's right here in the phone book.  As a matter of fact, we've driven past where she lives without even knowing it!  It has been suggested that I should call her up and ask for an interview, but bold as I may be, I don't think I've got the guts to do it out of the blue.  Question of the day: am I a coward?

John Ireland's career was mostly in the movies, but he was no stranger to television either, with a raft of guest roles in series such as Bonanza, Thriller and Riverboat, and starred for two years in the British series The Cheaters.  (I wonder if Cult TV Blog knows about this?.  He also played a pivotal, Oscar-nominated role in the great political movie All the King's Men.  (I wrote about the Pulitzer Prize-winning book here.)

As luck would have it, you can catch both of these stars in Movie and Music Network's movie of the day, The Fast and the Furious.  No, not the franchise of films that seem to be in the theaters all the time, but the original, filmed in 1955.  It's a terrific noir thriller, and it's directed by Roger Corman - I mean, how much better can it get?  Not surprisingly, it's not nearly as frenetic as the remake (which, in fact, it only vaguely resembles), and seeing as how it's noir, you know that Malone's character is not as simple as first appears.  This movie also has a twist at the end that, I think, is somewhat surprising for the usually fatalistic noir genre - but why listen to me when you can check it out for yourself here.  And please do so - I don't think you'll be disappointed once you've visited MMN.

Calling Mike Dolan.  Mary Jo Schwartzhoff writes, "Hi, I have a question. I'm trying to figure out about what time I was born by what TV shows my sister remembers being on. Do you have the TV line up for Chicago for September 20, 1964?"   This sounds like a call for you, Michael.  Can you provide us with the information?

Remembering Apollo 1.  January 27 was the anniversary of the 1967 flash fire that claimed the lives of the three astronauts scheduled to fly the first manned Apollo mission - Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee.*  My friend Marc Ryan sends along this clip from NBC of his father Bill anchoring a special report on the disaster.  He also writes, "You'll notice a funny edit after about 90 seconds. He is ad-libbing the rest of the way."  I remember when this happened; I was only six at the time, but for a kid who'd watched as many space launches as he could, it was - as I said to Marc - a hell of a shock.

*And January 28 was the anniversary of the Challenger explosion.  A somber week for the American space program.

And finally...  If you're out there Jeff Alexander, some time back you asked me for some information, and I've been woefully, woefully slow in getting it to you.  And when I did send it, the email bounced back.  If you see this and still need the information, send me your new email address, and I'll get it to you!

That's it for today - see you tomorrow!


  1. Hey, I know it's been a while, but ...

    Anyway, per request:
    September 20, 1964 was a Sunday, so nothing much was happening during the day, outside of news and sports. Anyway, here's Chicago TV:

    WBBM, channel 2:
    7:55: News
    8:00: Friendship Show with Lee Phillip and kjds (pre-Young & Restless).
    8:30: The Magic Door, Jewish-oriented kid show (which many of my Catholic schoolmates watched before they came to Mass).
    9:00: Look Up And Live
    9:30: Lamp Unto My Feet
    10:00: Camera Three
    10:30: Quiz And Quote
    11:00: Vistas, educational talk.
    11:30: Campaign '64, pre-empting Face The Nation
    12:00: News with Harry Porterfield (who's still doing noon news on ch2 today, fifty years on).
    12:10: Press Review with Carter Davidson.
    12:15: Lee Phillip Show, with adults (seven days a week).
    12:30: Target: News, local version of Face The Nation.
    1:00: Ted Mack's Amateur Hour, airing several hours earlier than usual (reason below).
    1:30: CBS Sports Spectacular
    2:00: Inside Football
    2:15: NFL pre-game
    2:30: Bears vs. Vikings
    4:45 (approx.): NFL post-game
    5:00: The Twentieth Century, about the Greek resistance in WWII.
    5:30: Mister Ed
    6:00: Lassie
    6:30: My Favorite Martian
    7:00: Ed Sullivan: repeat of the first Beatles show.
    8:00: Lincoln Center, special with scenes from three plays (Fredric March hosts; Hal Holbrook and David Wayne trade off the leads).
    9:00: Candid Camera
    9:30: What's My Line?
    10:00: News
    10:15: Movie: "Sea Wife" with Richard Burton and Joan Collins (1957)
    11:50: John Justin Smith, news commentary
    11:55: Movie: "The Dolly Sisters" with Betty Grable (1945)
    2:05: News and signoff.

    WMAQ, channel 5:
    7:30: Mr.Wizard
    8:00: Wee One's World
    8:30: Between Teens
    9:00: Live And Learn
    9:30: In This World
    10:00: Davey And Goliath
    10:15: Invest In America
    10:30: Heckle And Jeckle
    11:00: Kat Tales (cartoons with Krazy Kat, Beetle Bailey, and Snuffy Smith)
    11:30 The Pioneers (Western anthology hosted by Will Rogers Jr)
    12:00: City Desk, local take on Meet The Press
    12:30: Frontiers Of Faith
    1:00: Spirit Of Man
    1:30: Artist's Showcase, local classical music show that ran for years on ch5.
    2:00: Desilu Playhouse: "Ballad For A Badman", with Jane Russell and Steve Forrest
    3:00: Sunday with Frank Blair, news doc.
    4:00: News Special (local)
    4:30: GE College Bowl
    5:00: Meet The Press
    5:30: Have Gun - Will Travel, rerun: Paladin meets Oscar Wilde.
    6:00: R.B. And Myrnalene, unsold comedy pilot with Aldo Ray and Ann B. Davis
    6:30: Disney's World: "The Hound That Thought He Was A Raccoon".
    7:30: Bill Dana Show, Jose the bellhop, with Jonathan Harris and Don Adams.
    8:00: Bonanza, season premiere
    9:00: The Rogues, second episode
    10:00: News
    10:15: Movie: "The End Of The Affair" with Deborah Kerr and Van Johnson (1955)
    12:00: Jack Eigen, local talk show (the least said about this one the better)
    1:00: International Zone, syndicated show about which I know nothing.
    1:30 or thereabouts: Signoff

    Don't know the character count - back tomorrow with channels 7 and 9

  2. Your oedipusrexing comment mechanism has just erased my entire followup entry for no good reason whatever.
    Since I am too angry to do the whole Goddamned thing over again, I will stand down and maybe try again tomorrow.

    Maybe ...

    1. Sorry about the technology glitch - please do continue! And oedipusrexing - can I use that sometime?

    2. OK, Trying again ...

      Sunday, September 20, 1964 - and You Are There (in Chicago):

      WBKB, channel 7 - ABC::

      7:30 - 9:30 : Various religious programs (saving characters here)
      9:30 : Porky Pig
      10:00 : Bullwinkle
      10:30 : Discovery '64, last season's daily kid show, now cut back to weekly; one of the best such shows, largely due to host Frank Buxton.
      11:00 : Outer Space Theater, local show featuring Commando Cody and other Republic cliffhangers, plus Men Into Space from a few years back.
      12:00 : Nassau Road Race, filler.
      12:30 : Issues And Answers, ABC's version of Meet The Press.
      1:00 : Kiwanis International Spectacular, filler.
      1:30 : Press Internationale, local show analyzing news coverage from outside the USA.
      2:00 : Forum, hour long local news talk.
      3:00 : AFL Football: Boston Patriots vs. San Diego Chargers.
      5:30 : Death Valley Days (this would be just before Ronald Reagan quit to run for Governor of California).
      6:00 : Battle Line, syndicated documentary narrated by Jim Bishop (we can expect Bill O'Reilly's knock-off in about a year).
      6:30 : Wagon Train , season premiere (back to a black & white hour for its final season).
      7:30 : Broadside, premiere of Kathy Nolan's WAVE sitcom; also starring Dick Sargent and Sheila James, who years later would make many joint appearances for a different reason.
      8:00 : ABC Movie: "The Vikings", starring Kirk Douglas.
      10:00 : Ch7 movie: "Good Day For a Hanging" starring Fred MacMurray.
      (Note: Channel 7 didn't have a 10 o'clock newscast on Sunday nights then.)
      12:05 : Off The Cuff, open-ended talk show with Norman Ross.
      Two hours later, more or less: Signoff.

      WGN, channel 9 - independent:

      6:35: Highway Patrol.
      7:05 - 8:00 : Fillers.
      8:00 : Hymns Of Faith
      8:30 : Mass for Shut-Ins
      9:00 : Life Of Riley (William Bendix version).
      9:30 : Rocky & His Friends (Bullwinkle 1.0).
      10:00 : Superman (George Reeves version).
      10:30 : Whirlybirds.
      11:00 : Honeymooners.
      11:30 : Supercar.
      12:00 : Bat Masterson.
      12:30 : Sea Hunt.
      1:00 : News.
      1:15 : Lead-off Man, baseball pre-game.
      1:30 : Baseball: White Sox vs. Washington Senators.
      3:45 or so: Tenth Inning, baseball post-game.
      4:00 - 6:00 : Film Fillers to be announced.
      6:00 : Maverick
      7:00 : Hawaiian Eye
      8:00 : Your Right To Say It, local news discussion; tonight, Sen. Paul Douglas.
      8:30 : Outdoor Guide, hunting and fishing.
      9:00 : Men In Crisis, syndicated documentary narrated by Edmond O'Brien.
      9:30 : Stump The Stars,(not sure if this was a rerun or first-run), guest stars Juliet Prowse and Peter Falk - honest.
      10:00 : News
      10:15 : Ch9 Movie: "Kind Hearts And Coronets" with Alec Guinness.
      12:25: News
      12:40 : Movie " Bitter Rice".
      Two hours later, more or less: Signoff.

      Miss Schwartzhoff:
      If you were born in the morning or afternoon, chances are your sister was not too distracted by the TV.
      After 6 or 7, what with the Sullivan/Beatles rerun, maybe ...

  3. I didn't know about The Cheaters, thank you for introducing them to me. Now if I could find where I can watch the programme life would be perfect!

  4. Attended the 92nd Birthday Party of the ever beautiful and gracious Miss Dorothy Malone. Her daughters Mimi and Diane had her residence decorated with streamers, balloons. There were flowers and cards from all over the world wishing her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Several cakes for the family and friends at the come and go celebration. One of the last stars of Hollywood's Golden Era. Miss Malone is still amazed that she is so well remembered and loved by her many fans worldwide. A great and wonderful day to remember.

    1. Really! Are you from the DFW area? I would love to be able to pay my respects to her - always a favorite of mine. If you have any additional information, feel free to contact me at the blog email.

  5. Attended the 93rd Birthday Party of the ever beautiful and gracious Miss Dorothy Malone. Her daughters Mimi and Diane had her residence decorated with streamers, balloons. There were flowers and cards from all over the world wishing her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.She was thrilled and delighted to all that attended. Her beautiful silver hair long and in braids and her sparkling blue eyes. One of the last stars of Hollywood's Golden Era. Miss Malone is still amazed that she is so well remembered and loved by her many fans worldwide. She was thrilled and delighted to all that attended. Her beautiful silver hair long and in braids and her sparkling blue eyes.


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