March 4, 2016

Around the dial

t Classic Film and TV Cafe, Rick spotlights the DVD release of "The New Doctors" segment of The Bold Ones, meaning the entire series - which included segments on "The Lawyers," "The Defenders," and "The Senator." I remember well "The New Doctors," which starred E.G. Marshall, David Hartman, and (for most of its run) John Saxon. Although Marshall was an established television star, it was the first time I'd seen him in a series, and the first time I'd seen Hartman, who'd go on to host Good Morning America. It was a good, if not great, series, and I'm glad it's out on DVD.

The Bold Ones, which premiered in 1969, was known as an "wheel" series, in that the overall title functioned as an umbrella for the "spokes," the separate components. A more famous example of that is the NBC Mystery Movie, and the most famous spoke in that series was Columbo. Once Upon a Screen gives us yet another welcome look at the man who made it all work, the unforgettable Peter Falk. (H/T The Last Drive In.)

Welcome back to Ivan at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear!

Television Obscurities goes in-depth, putting the spotlight on the thirteen-week CBS sitcom Glynis, starring Glynis Johns, with a few additional points here.

David at Comfort TV gives a shout-out to TV's occasional characters. The wiseass part of me wants to know what they are the rest of the time, but that detracts from David's fine look at memorable characters such as The Bob Newhart Show's Cliff Murdock (Tom Poston), Michael Dunn's immortal Dr. Loveless in The Wild Wild West (who only appeared in 10 episodes!), Marya (Nita Talbot), the Soviet spy who was the bane of Colonel Hogan's existence on Hogan's Heroes, and more.

Speaking of Hogan, if you haven't had a chance yet, I hope you'll go back and read Wednesday's interview with Carol Ford, co-author of the excellent (and definitive!) biography of Bob Crane.

And speaking of this blog, next week's schedule will be a bit different, with the "What's on TV?" feature moving to Wednesday so that I can present my entry in the TV Sidekick Blogathon.

That should be about enough for today—see you back here tomorrow, right? TV  

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