January 19, 2018

Around the dial

F Troop Fridays are always a great way to wind down the week, and last Friday Hal at The Horn Section offers up "She's Only a Build in a Girdled Cage," a wonderful title (which not so many people would get today), starring Patrice Wymore as said build in said girdle. Alas, the story appears not to be quite as good as the title...

At The Twilight Zone Vortex, Jordan reviews "Cavender is Coming," the 1962 episode featuring Carol Burnett that demonstrates once again that Rod Serling, for all his talents, was not good a comedic writing; this episode, like his other comic efforts, falls flat. Jesse White co-stars as her guardian angel; perhaps it would have been better if she'd needed her Maytag repaired.

Ooh, "Incense for the Damned" - isn't that a great title for a movie? Add in Patrick Macnee, Edward Woodward, Peter Cushing, and Patrick Mower, and that makes it even better, don't you think? Read about this movie at Cult TV Blog, where John says that "if you're not a horror fan, but instead a lover of the TV of the sixties and seventies, this show may be right up your street."

The Hitchcock Project continues at bare-bones e-zine, with Jack's focus this week being the second season episode "The West Warlock Time Capsule," Marion Cockrell's droll story of what happens when an unwanted relative stays too long. . .

January 14 was the 66th anniversary of the first Today show, and at Garroway at Large, Jodie presents the product of years of research: a reconstruction of exactly what happened on that first show. Fascinating details!

Television's New Frontier: the 1960's turns its focus on the 1960 season of Dale Robertson's Western series Tales of Wells Fargo. Meanwhile, Television Obscurities reminds us of why some shows become obscure, with this rundown of the Nielsen Bottom Ten for January 15-21, 1973.

And coming up next month, The Classic TV Blog Association presents The Classic TV Villain Blogathon. Here's a preview of what to expect:

That's all next month, but in the meantime we've still got tomorrow, and you're welcome back then for a look at another TV Guide.  TV  

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