September 25, 2020

Around the dial

There's a wealth of interesting informatin out there just waiting to be had, so let's have it!

This year's Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention was an unfortunate victim of the Wuhan virus, but fear not: thanks to Martin and Michelle Grams' ingenuity, this year's convention goes online with highlights from previous years. The virtual MANC runs Friday and Saturday, September 25 and 26, and can be seen through Sunday at the MANC Facebook page. Included among the presentations is my good friend Carol Ford's 2015 talk about Bob Crane, one that sets the record straight on a lot of misrepresentations regarding Bob's life. 

The Hitchcock Project continues exploring the works of Harold Swanton at bare•bones e-zine, and this week Jack's focus is on the seventh-season episode "The Twelve-Hour Caper," starring Dick York. How well did Swanton adapt the original short story by Mike Marmer? Read and find out.

At Comfort TV, David looks at the delightful Twilight Zone episode "A Nice Place to Visit" and Couture's painting “The Romans of the Decadence,” and places them within the context of today's confusing times. Make time to read a very incisive piece.

Having just interviewed William Bartlett about his book NBC and 30 Rock, I'm in kind of an NBC frame of mind. Jodie has the answer to that at Garroway at Large with an update on her Dave Garroway bio. This is a book I'm really looking forward to when it comes out. 

At this week's Cult TV Blog, it's John's turn to take the trip across the pond, and it's no surprise when the show is The Wild Wild West, a series that is reminiscent in many ways of The Avengers. As John says of "The Night of the Lord of Limbo," what's not to love about a story that combines time travel and magic?    

It doesn't seem possible that the sitcom The Odd Couple turns 50 this year, because that reminds me of how old I'm getting. Be that as it may, Terence looks back at the legendary comedy at A Shroud of Thoughts. It's enough to make me forget my age. TV  

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  1. Thanks, Mitchell. I missed that the events this weekend are reruns. I thought they were all new. Too bad.


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