December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas to all

As you may have gathered from some of the things I've written, Christmas is my favorite time of the year. And although I've lived long enough to see many of the cherished Christmas traditions change and even fade away, the reason for the season remains - and because of that, no matter what, Christmas will always be Christmas.

So a little Christmas TV for your viewing pleasure. I was surprised to learn, a few years ago, that "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" was written for Andy Williams' Christmas special. Specially written songs for TV are a dime a dozen, but few of them become part of the established tradition the way this has. Here it is from one of the Andy Williams specials, as highlighted on this DVD compendium.

Frank Sinatra not only performed the song "Mistletoe and Holly" on his 1957 Christmas episode (which included special guest Bing Crosby), he also wrote it.  It, too, has become a seasonal standard.  Here he is from that show, part of his short-lived ABC series, which was telecast in black and white but was actually filmed in color.  It's the color version that appears in this DVD, but here is is the way you would have seen it on your TV back on December 20, 1957.

And on those notes, I want to thank all of you who've contributed to this blog through your comments, suggestions and support.  I'll be back on Thursday with some interesting, non-TV, behind the scenes information on something you would have seen on your screens New Year's Day, 1962.

Until then, my wishes to you and your families and loved ones for a safe and happy Christmas, and I'll see you Thursday.

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