May 2, 2013

Around the Dial

Apologies for another abbreviated issue - and so with that, let's go to the good stuff.

Kliph Nesteroff at Classic Television Showbiz has this great clip of William F. Buckley Jr. interviewing JFK assassination conspiracy guru Mark Lane on Buckley's TV show, Firing Line.  Buckley's introduction alone is worth the price of admission.

At The Classic TV History Blog, Stephen Bowie's provided a master index to some of his great pieces.  Be sure and check them out - when you've got an hour or two, because it'll be just like Lay's potato chips.

Meanwhile, dig the great noir photos in the latest Postcards from Shadowland from Monstergirl at The Last Drive-In.

Rick's got a terrific interview with Julie Adams at Classic Film and TV Cafe.  Any fan of classic TV will recognize her, especially if you're a fan of Murder, She Wrote.

That's all for today - sorry again for the brevity, which I'll explain later.  In the meantime, have a great end to the week, and I'll see you back on Saturday!  TV  

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