August 7, 2015

Around the Dial!

My apologies that I haven't done this for a couple of weeks.  I don't know why, because it doesn't take very long and it's simply linking to pieces I've enjoyed over the course of the week.  Actually, I do too know why - I've been busy on a project you'll hopefully find out one of these days.  In the meantime, enough about me - let's see what others have to say.

This is the culmination of a set of posts on the great Stan Freberg, which you can see at the Broadcasting Archives at the University of Maryland.  I was listening to an episode of his radio series the other day; that man was very, very funny.

I really enjoy the Hitchcock recaps at bare-bones e-zine, because I like Hitchcock and there's always a pretty good chance I haven't seen the episode in question.  This week's story is one I have seen, and I can highly recommend Jack's writeup on it.

Did you read Joanna's Christmas TV Party posts at Christmas TV History?  If not, here's a recap here.  I know, shame on me for not being part of it this year, but maybe next time.  In the meantime, these bring back a lot of memories.

If you pay attention to the TV Guide archives as I do, you'll notice that sports broadcasters used to be anything but specialists.  Chris Schenkel, for example, called everything from pro and college football to boxing to bowling to the Olympics, and Pat Summerall did just about everything for CBS.  Classic TV Sports looks at Mets broadcaster Bob Murphy doing college football over 30 years ago.

"What if there is nothing good left to be discovered?"  That's the question at Cult TV Blog, examining the fear of the vintage TV fan.  I'm never surprised to read a fascinating article at that blog, and this one is no exception.  It's always unnerving to see yourself described by someone who's never met you!

My wife tells me she once skipped a long family weekend in order to stay home and catch an episode of The Monkees.  Now, I'll admit I saw the show growing up, but I don't think you could consider me a fan.  (We're happily married nonetheless.)  At Comfort TV, David looks at the 20 best Monkees songs, as well as the five worst.  And you know, some of those songs were very good.

As you might have noticed from my latest TV Guide stories, I've been getting more interested about the old ads for news broadcasts (there's another one coming up tomorrow), and Faded Signals, which has many old radio station ads, has one with a really great illustration today.

Television Obscurities has another TV Guide review, this time the week of August 7, with Gene Barry on the cover.  I've got this issue as well; a terrific writeup on Burke as well as the rest of the comings and goings of the day. I don't comment at that blog the way I should, but this has been a great series.

That's it for this week, though as always I'll urge you to look at the sidebar for more.  And I'll see you back here tomorrow for more TV Guide fun. TV  


  1. 'It's always unnerving to see yourself described by someone who's never met you!'
    I just knew you were going to say that...

  2. I'd never heard of the Faded Signals blog before but it's fantastic. Thanks for the heads up!


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