September 4, 2015

Around the dial

For our 100th edition of Around the Dial, let's start off with a couple of science fiction notes.

At Cult TV Blog this week, there's a typically good review, this time of the early Doctor Who episodes as seen through the Lost in Time box set, which I happen to have.  The story of the scrapping of early Who is legendary, and the Lost in Time set contains the surviving scraps from incomplete shows.  It's recommended "to the Whovian or sixties TV fanatic only", and since I qualify on both counts, I heartily endorse it!

Continuing the sci-fi theme, for those of you who've suspected I overthink some of these shows, try this on for size: Timothy Sandefur's article in The Claremont Review of Books on "The Politics of Star Trek."  Not surprisingly, I love articles like this, whether I agree with them or not.  If I could, I'd probably write a whole book like this, unless one of you good readers out there stopped me.

I'm very jealous that Amanda of Made for TV Mayhem has a new podcast series.  It's something I've thought about from time to time, and might even implement at some point since my verbal rants are often as entertaining as my writing (well, to me at least), but for now I'm afraid I'll have to stick to other people's works.  (And I love that Movie of the Week music!)

David at Comfort TV has some kind words about yours truly, so I'm happy to return the favor with his tribute to Yvonne Craig, whom I wrote about following her death.  David just has a way of summing things up with a very few words, and his description of her "magical magnetism" just about says it all.

One of the series that I didn't really pay much attention to in its day was The Man from U.N.C.L.E.   I remember seeing it when I was a kid, but not really watching it, if you know what I mean.  Now, if you've been reading me for awhile, you probably know that it's part of my weekly viewing, and so I figure better late than never.  Secret Sanctum of Captain Video has part 3 of a very good series on the movies made from the series - all of which are probably better than the current screen version (with no insult to Guy Ritchie intended.)

The "Year in TV Guide" series at Television Obscurities is winding down, but not before we visit the issue of September 4, 1965.  It's an issue I'd really like to have myself, since it's from North Texas, and I'm eager to add more of my new hometown's issues to those of my old hometown.  And what could be better than to have Bonanza on the cover?  Be sure you read these recaps; they are brilliant!

As always, I seem to be apologizing for the brevity of these roundups, and it's been a couple of weeks since I've done one at that.  I'll try to do better in the future, but for now check out these and all the blogs I have listed on the sidebar.  See you tomorrow! TV  

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  1. Thank you for another mention! I still feel disappointed by/bad about my lack of appreciation for lost in time. Maybe I'll get Web of Fear, which should press more of my buttons, but now I'm worried I won't like that!


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