September 16, 2015

Help fill out the TV Guide crossword puzzle!

We don't usually do audience participation here at It's About TV, but this week I thought we'd try something different.  If it works and you like it, we'll make it a recurring feature.  It has to do with one of the most popular parts of TV Guide - the crossword puzzle.

Below is the puzzle from the September 14, 1974 issue we've been looking at this week. Pick out one or two of the clues, and enter your answers in the comments section below.*  (I've got next week's issue, which means I know what the correct answers are.)  Remember, this TV Guide is from 1974, so keep that in mind when answering the clues.  Between all of us, let's see how many of the answers we can come up with.  I'll print the correct puzzle next week.  Ready?  Let's get started!

*For those of you coming here from Facebook, please use the comments section here rather than answering on Facebook, so everyone can see your answers!


  1. I'll start off with the easy ones!

    47 Across; Eden
    49 Across: Day
    7 Down: Happy
    22 Across: Ely
    4 Across: Odd

  2. 46 Down; Nye
    43 Across; Apes
    3 Down: Gunsmoke
    1 Across: Tag
    1 Down: Ted
    11 Across: Emu

  3. 7 Across: Hams
    29 Across: Mike
    36 Across: Wally

    9 Down: Moll
    24 Down: Goldman's

    1. Close but no cigar on 36 across - right on everything else!

  4. 18 Down Tone
    27 Down Erin
    37 Down Theo
    38 Down Hide

  5. 36 Down: Wipe
    2. AMA (American Medical Association, if you're not familiar)
    39. Beer

    1. 33 down: gas
      35 down: Stone
      39 down: ales

      With 24, 33, 35, 37, 38 and 39 down solved, that makes 37 across "ThatsMyMama."

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Thanks for writing! Drive safely!