December 4, 2015

Around the dial

First, the latest entries in the Very Merry MeTV Blogathon:

Some Polish American Guy Reviews Things (that title still slays me) presents the season 5 drama "The Madonna," while The Flaming Nose has a recap of  "The Jingle Bells Affair" on - what else - The Man From U.N.C.L.E.  You'll want to keep up-to-date with this blogathon throughout the month of December, with the schedule right here.

I'd be shocked if the Christmas TV History blog didn't have something Christmas-sy to report, and indeed Joanna does, with a review of the made-for-TV movie "The Christmas Note."

Michael's TV Tray reminds us that today is National Cookie Day. Looks as if I picked the wrong Advent to give up cookies.

Remember the NBC series The Bold Ones? It was one of those "wheel" series that featured a rotating group of shows, ala that network's Mystery Movie series. Anyway, Timeless Media has been releasing the various components of the series one at a time, and Classic Film and TV Cafe takes a look this week at the latest release, "The Lawyers," with Burl Ives, Joe Campanella and James Farentino.

Made For TV Mayhem now has a new page for their podcasts, and I suggest you check it (and them) out.

The Horn Section has the latest edition of "Maverick Mondays," with a look at "The Art Lovers," featuring Jack Kelly's Bart Maverick.

That should hold you at least until tomorrow, right? TV  

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