January 18, 2017

Additions to the Top Ten: Mystery Science Theater 3000

After I did my Top Ten list a few years ago, I'd occasionally write about a series or two that deserved to be in that elite company, even though it would push the number of shows beyond 10. My rationale for this, being a native Midwesterner, is that if the Big Ten (aka B1G) can have 14 teams, then my Top Ten should be allowed to have just about any number I want. It may not be a good reason, but it's a reason.

And so there's no reason for MST3K not to be included in that list. After all, I've already written the piece that tells you why, so why not make it official? If there's any doubt that the show belongs, check out the following clip, which combines two of my favorite things: Ingemar Bergman movies and Sven and Ole jokes. Very few television series in the history of the medium, no matter how intelligent and sophisticated they imagine themselves to be (SCTV being the one exception that comes to mind), could have come up with this.

Oh, and friends? This piece was written a week or so ago, as I keep trying to get as far out ahead of this move as possible. Most of our time has been spent looking for a job and packing things up, in that order, so my profound apologies in advance that I haven't been responding to comments lately. I am reading them, mostly from a location where I can't get in to reply, but one of these days you're going to be flooded with my comments. Until then, thanks for putting up with me! 😺

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  1. I first saw this on Comedy Central a couple decades ago, and was hooked; a true original, even if Svengoolie had been doing it much earlier, MST3K did a far superior job with the cultural references.


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