December 29, 2017

Around the dial

For the last time in 2017, let's see what's what in the world of TV, classic or otherwise interesting.

Jodie at Garroway at Large has a copy of NBC's two-page ad for their upcoming morning experiment, Today. In next week's TV Guide listings, Today (or, as it was listed, Dave Garroway) was called a variety show. Only Dave Garroway could pull it off as he did.

The Last Drive-In has a belated birthday wish to Ruth Roman, who would have been 94 on December 22. Any fan of classic television and movies will recognize that face.

The Eventually Supertrain podcast has left the station with its final cast of 2017, with looks at Ellery Queen Mysteries, The Green Hornet and The Immortal. It's a great podcast - you really should make it part of your regular listening. I know for a fact that next year will be quite interesting!

You've got to love this delightful story from The Broadcasting Archives at the University of Maryland, in which we find out about the typo in NORAD's first advertisement for its Santa Tracker in 1955.

Want to find out what was on TV on Christmas Day, 1947? Then check out Television Obscurities, which has the week's schedule for WNBT, the flagship NBC affiliate in New York City.

At Cult TV, John looks at the 1980 series Noah's Castle, and in doing so points out the need to view shows from the past through the eyes of the time. It's a series I wasn't familar with before - very interesting writeup, as usual.

We have one more post to go in 2017, the TV Guide review tomorrow. If you don't get to that until later in the week, then let me take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for 2018. I've got high hopes for this blog, as well as some additional projects I'll be working on, and I'd love having you all along for the ride!  TV  

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  1. Thanks for another brilliant blog year and wishing you a very Happy New 2018, Mitchell.


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