March 16, 2018

Around the dial

The credit on that photograph doesn't give the context in which it was taken, only that it was sometime in the early '60s. It could have been during one of the debates with Richard Nixon in 1960; however, considering the family's all huddled together looking concerned, it could just as easily be JFK's speech on the Cuban Missile Crisis. I don't know; anyone with time to watch the debates and the speech could probably pinpoint the moment. But if it is the Missile Crisis (when my mother sat holding me on her lap thinking that this was it), then it would truly invoke the saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. Anyway, on to the week's treasures.

At bare-bones e-zine, Jack's back with another episode in the Hitchcock Project; this one is "Relative Value" from 1959, written by Francis Cockrell. I hope you Hitchcock fans have been reading these pieces of Jack's; they add a wealth of background to your viewing of the episodes. Book, Jack, you need to put them in a book!

Jodie digs deep into a pair of articles about Dave Garroway in Garroway at Large. What I like here is how Jodie explores what the Playboy philosophy really was all about back then; less about girls and more about "being a cool and swinging man," and how Garroway's lifestyle really fit into that description. Again, it puts it all in context.

The Broadcast Archives at the University of Maryland is always good for its pictures, and this week is no exception: the cast of The Munsters on set, perhaps between takes?

Eyes of a Generation hasn't had anything new lately, so I took a random dive into the archives and came up with this picture and story on the man behind the curtain at Kulka and Olliethe great Burr Tillstrom.

And Those Were the Days remembers the television series Tales of the Texas Rangers, which I remember more from its radio version. In case you're wondering, these are not the Texas Rangers that you'd see on ESPN.

That's it for today; tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, a day I'm entitled to celebrate but seldom pay much attention to. (Green beer and boiled dinners don't do much for me, to be honest. Might have a St. Patrick's Day-themed dinner with friends, though.) However, if you're planning to make a day (or night) of it, stop here first, and then - as the man says - let's be careful out there! TV  

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  1. Thanks, Mitchell! I don't think I can compile these articles into a book till I'm done, and that's years away.


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