March 9, 2018

Around the dial

It's Friday, TGIF and all that! What could possibly make the end of the week any better than a spin around the blogs to see what's new - or old, as the case may be.

At Comfort TV, David introduces us to a classification of television called "The Unshakeables," those episodes "that stay with you long after the credits roll." Case in point: “The Invasion of Kevin Ireland,” a 1971 episode of The Bold Ones: The Lawyers. I'll leave it to you to read David and find out why.

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear reviews the single-disc excerpt from the boxed set of Jackie Gleason's post-Honeymooners show that ran between 1966 and 1970. Now, it so happens that many of these episodes do feature Honeymooners bits, so if that's your thing you've nothing to worry about, but these also feature plenty more great guests and sketches.

An ad you won't want to miss at The Broadcasting Archives at the University of Maryland: Tony the Tiger and Groucho Marx.

Inner Toob picks up on something I always enjoy: an episode of a long-running series that allude, in one way or another, to events of a previous episode. Case in point this week: Columbo, and a very subtle mention of one of the Lieutenant's past cases.

Some Polish American Guy Reviews Things, and what Daniel is reviewing this week is "The Seven Lady Truckers," a third-season episode of B.J. and the Bear. There's no reason to tune in for the seven lady truckers, but there's always The Bear, right? Right?

'Tis the week for episode reviews methinks, at at Cult TV Blog the review is of "The Never Never Affair" from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Although, as is usually the case with John, you get plenty more than just a review. I always enjoy his take on these shows. (I still need to get some of his recommendations for my region-free DVD player.)

This has nothing to do with TV, but when I was young I loved Matchbox cars - they were far more interesting to me than Hot Wheels - and so naturally I had to check out this British PathĂ© film clip on the making of a Matchbox car, courtesy of Silver Scenes.

At Garroway at Large, Jodie reminds us of the wonderful American Radio History website with its treasure trove of issues of Broadcasting and other magazines* (I've made use of that archive a time or two myself); this week, one of those Broadcasting issues includes a review of the first few weeks of Today.

*This, in turn, reminds me to get angry again at the Chicago Tribune for no longer offering their archives for free. Do they really need the money that badly?

I'd say that's a pretty good meal for one day, wouldn't you? If you can finish it all by tomorrow, come on back for more - another issue of TV Guide. TV  

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  1. Bulletin from Chicago:

    Does the Tribune need the money that badly?

    Obviously you haven't been following the newspaper business lately.

    The Trib has undergone several ownership changes in recent years; its outside holdings have been broken up and rearranged so much it's hard to keep track of even if you live here.

    The daily paper itself is but a shadow of the big bulky Trib I grew up with.

    Across Michigan Ave., the Sun-Times (the other Big Paper in town) has been sold and resold so many times it's a wonder that it's still around - but that's another story ...

    It's the curse of Getting Older - remembering more than we really should.


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