April 27, 2018

Around the dial

light week for linking, but some fun things out there nonetheless.

Can you find a way to link M*A*S*H and Columbo? Inner Toob can - read on and find out just how it's done!

Jack's Hitchcock Project at bare-bones e-zine takes us to Stanley Ellin's fifth-season play, "The Blessington Method," and how the original short story had to undergo some adaptations in order to make it, shall we say, palatable for television. Hopefully, nobody out there is taking notes on this one...

The Broadcast Archives at the University of Maryland reminds us that it's Preservation Week. "Save your stuff and pass it on." A-ha, my work has finally been justified! It's not collecting - it's preserving!

It's a bit difficult to wrap one's head around the idea that a television show could be 70 years old. At least it is for me, having grown up with it - maybe the kids nowadays don't think anything of it. Anyway, Television Obscurities has a bit on that 70-year-old show, For Your Pleasure, starring Kyle MacDonnell.

At Garroway at Large, Jodie links us to the Variety article that started Dave Garroway on his path to hosting Today. Who could have known what would follow?

See you tomorrow - enough said? TV  

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