September 7, 2018

Around the dial

Let's star the week with a couple of lists. At Comfort TV, David lists the five worst Comfort TV opening credits sequences. His choices get no argument from me. Meanwhile, The Flaming Nose gives us the 40 best TV themes of all time. I would have liked to have seen some of my favorites higher up on the list, but all in all another good list.

Inner Toob recalls the first TV soap opera crossover, the character of Mitchell Dru, who traveled from The Brighter Day to As the World Turns to Another World. You might recall that I wrote about this character a few years ago; I have something of a fondness for him, seeing as how my middle namecoincidentally, I assure youis Drew...

If it's Friday, it must be time for Alfred Hitchcock Presents, but surprisingly, it's not from bare-bones e-zine. Instead, it's Realweegiemidget, reviewing the excellent 1959 episode "Dead Weight," starring Joseph Cotten.

At Garroway at Large, Jodie introduces an article on Dave Garroway as "television's most curious man," which is just a wonderful title. I wish I had enough time to explore everything I'm curious about, and Garroway's curiosity just makes him all the more interesting.

Television's New Frontier: the 1960s looks at The Tall Man, the Western from 1960-62, featuring Barry Sullivan and Clu Gulager as, respectively, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. This season explored the interesting tension between loyalty and the law, one of the eternal conflicts in man.

Short but sweet this week; I'll be at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention next Friday, so we'll be back around the dial in two weeks! TV  

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