April 3, 2020

Around the dial

That picture up there reminds me of an old saying, or at least it was meant to be old; I think I first heard it on the miniseries Captains and the Kings. It goes, "Never tell people you don't think, or people will think you don't." Some days, we're headed in the direction of not thinking for ourselves at all. Are we there yet? Not sure.

It must be the week for old sayings; this week's Love That Bob! episode at The Horn Section is called "The Models Revolt," and that brings to mind a Wizard of Id strip from many years back, where Rodney the knight tells the King, "The peasants are revolting," to which the King replies, "You can say that again." This episode isn't revolting, though; once again it involves Our Hero and girls, and it's the first directorial appearance in the show of star Bob Cummings. It's a bit rough, but he'll get better at it rapidly.

You'll recall that The Twilight Zone Vortex is offering us monthly stories from the TZ comic book to help us get through the quarantine, and this month Jordan gives us a carnival and kewpie dolls, and you know that's not a good combination when you're in the Twilight Zone. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

At Garroway at Large, Jodie explains her recent silence on the blog front (although her Facebook posts continue to be hilarious), and demonstrates amply that it's no fun being a teacher during an epidemic. No fear, though; everyone's healthy, and as the Great Communicator himself might say, it's not an end, just a pause.

Rick reviews what looks like a really interesting book, Cinema '62, at Classic Film & TV Café. In it, authors Stephen Farber and Michael McClellan make the case that 1962 was the greatest film year ever; arguable, but certainly plausible. You know, someone should do a similar book about television. What year would you pick?

At A Shroud of Thoughts, Terence shares the details of the TCM Classic Film Festival: Special Home Edition, necessitated by you-know-what. Some very interesting films on tap during the April 16-19 festival; it's an excellent way to spend some more time with your TV.

Finally, don't forget to join Dan and me for another look at Bourbon Street Beat, along with more fun, at the latest Eventually Supertrain podcast!

As was the case last week, we're still doing well here; drop us a comment and let us know if things are well with you, too. TV  

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