October 9, 2020

Around the dial

Perhaps out there somewhere is someone as smooth, as suave and sophisticated, than Cary Grant. Perhaps as smooth, but no smoother. This week at Classic Film & TV Café, Rick has a terrific interview with Scott Eyman, author of the forthcoming Cary Grant: A Brilliant Disguise, which tells the story of how Archie Leach became that personification of elegance.

What happens when you find a "Body in the Barn"? Well, if it turns up on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, you can be sure that nothing good will come of it. That's the verdict from Jack at bare•bones e-zine, as he continues to look at the Hitchcock scripts of Harold Swanton.

At The Horn Section, Hal's latest foray into the world of Love That Bob! is the 1955 episode "Bob Meets Fonda's Sister." No, not that Fonda; it has to do with Bob's latest attempt to interfere in his sister Margaret's love life, and hilarity ensues.

Right now, I'm asking myself if it's true that you can't go home again (even though I've already done it once successfully). I suppose it's a question everyone asks themselves from time to time. It happened to Dave Garroway, as Jodie recounts in Garroway at Large, and as is often the case, the results were bittersweet.

It's the 60th anniversary of Route 66, one of the great inadvertent documentaries of America in the 1960s, and Terence takes time out to look at the history of the landmark series at A Shroud of Thoughts. And that's a good note on which to end the week. TV  

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  1. Thanks, Mitchell. You should check out a podcast called The Secret History of Hollywood. They just started a series on Cary Grant. Their prior series, on Val Lewton, is excellent.


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