April 29, 2022

Around the dial

At Cult TV Blog, John gets our week off to a start with the British dramatic anthology series Play for Today and the episode "The Hallelujah Handshake," a disturbing drama directed by Alan Clarke, one that shows us how very different things have become over the years.

Baseball has been a mainstay on television over the decades, and not just when the game is televised. At Comfort TV, David looks at the ten-best baseball-themed classic TV episodes. An well-thought-out list, including my favorite: Leo Durocher meets Mr. Ed.

Probably a little late to compete in the comments section, but it's always fun to test your wits with another edition of the "Movie Quote Game" at Classic Film & TV Café, featuring the movies of Bette Davis. who's responsible for more than a few memorable quotes over the years.

At A Shroud of Thoughts, Terence pays tribute to the great Robert Morse, who died last week, aged 90. Morse was known for his work on the stage, particularly How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and Tru, but in addition to movies he was a formidable figure on television, with guest appearances aplenty, and the series That's Life and Mad Men.

Finally, some classic TV channels that you definitely need to check out if you want to find yourself watching some fairly rare episodes: the YouTube channels burgersinspace (what a great name; I'd refuse to go into space if there weren't any) and Times Past Television, and the redoubtable Uncle Earl's Classic TV Channel. I think it's fair to say the products of these sites (and others) will be showing up here over the next several months. TV  

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