April 21, 2023

Around the dial

First, a bit of self-promotion, as I'm wont to do in this space. Well, after all, it is my space to begin with; if I'm not going to blow my own horn, who is? But I digress: last week I had the pleasure of once again appearing on the Dan Schneider Video Interview; Dan and I are discussing the topic "Why Columbo Is Great." Easy topic there, right? Anyway, I'd be greatly pleased if you'd take some time to check it out; you can see it here. Thanks again to Dan, and please accept my apologies for the poor visual setup on my end; I have corrected the flaws so that my next appearance will look much more aesthetically pleasing, and in the meantime feel free to listen to the audio while you're looking at sometime else.

No that that's out of the way (you have no idea how uncomfortable I am with self-promotion), we'll get to this week's highlights, starting at bare-bones e-zine, where Jack's Hitchcock Project takes us to the works of Talmage Powell, and the sixth-season episode "The Kiss-Off," with Rip Torn brilliant as always.

"Legendary television" is on the docket at Cult TV Blog, as John travels back to the 1970s for "Penda's Fan," an episode of the BBC anthology series Play for Today. It's an ambitious drama that manages to cram in sexuality, theology, Manichaeism, and the music of Edward Elgar. Talk about ambitious indeed!

Some great news from Jodie at Garroway at Large, as we're treated to a preview of the cover for her long-awaited Peace: The Wide, Wide World of Dave Garroway, Television's Original Master Communicator. Stay tuned for more information, including how to order. I can't wait!

I don't know how many great female television directors there have been over the years; probably not enough. At Eyes of a Generation you can read about the first: Francis Buss Buch, who joined CBS in the 1940s and made her mark with a number of firsts, as you can read about.

Ready for some more about The Avengers? How about "The Murder Market," a nasty little story about a dating agency that's a cover for an assassination bureau. Can Steed and Emma get to the bottom of it? Find out in this week's entry at The View from the JunkyardTV  

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