October 6, 2023

Around the dial

At Comfort TV, David honors the late David McCallum with a look at some of the actor's finest classic television roles, from a 1953 performance on British TV to his 1986 reunion with Robert Vaughn on The A-Team—a career marked with warm and intelligent portrayals.

Dick Carr's work on Alfred Hitchcock Presents continues at bare-bones e-zine as Jack looks at the first season story "Salvage," co-written with Fred Freiberger, and starring a young Gene Barry, along with Nancy Gates and Elisha Cook, Jr.  

If you have the same trouble keeping up with what's on various streaming services as I do, you'll welcome this helpful note from Silver Scenes with a look at some of the latest offerings on Tubi. Classic television is always on the list, including the 1966 WWII adventure series Jericho.

At The Horn Section, Hal returns to F Troop with the season one episode "Go For Broke," in which our heroic Sgt. O'Rourke must figure out how to replenish the fort's pension fundwhich O'Rourke lost in a shady poker gamebefore the Inspector General arrives.

Cult TV Blog continues a look at the 1970s, as John moves on to the BBC series Paul Temple, which was a big hitin Germany!and, hence, is only available today by watching episodes dubbed into German. Watch the episode "The Quick and the Dead," and you'll see it's worth it.

At Classic Film and TV Corner, Maddy has her recommendation for five TV horror series for Halloween. Among the series are two I can testify to: Night Gallery and Sapphire & Steel, the latter starring none other than the aforementioned David McCallum. 

Eyes of a Generation has a very interesting piece on the history of ABC's first handheld cameras. If you watch historic coverage of news and sporting events, you know the impact handhelds have had, and ABC had not one but two designs: one from LA, the other from New York.

Martin Grams has a great look at the history of the radio show Bold Venture, which starred none other than Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. It's long been highly sought after, and now a Kickstarter campaign seeks to make them available to OTR fans.  

At A Shroud of Thoughts, Terence pays tribute to the career of the great Sir Michael Gambon, who died last month aged 82. Gambon starred in such diverse projects as the Harry Potter movie series, Maigret, and the unforgettable The Singing Detective

Remember Andy Griffith's foray into science fiction, Salvage 1 (not to be confused with the above-mentioned Salvage)? Television Obscurities does, and Robert reviews the initial episode (after the pilot), "Dark Island," which takes place a long way from Mayberry.

We'll wrap things up at The View from the Junkyard, where Mike continues his reviews of the Saturday morning series Land of the Lost with the episode "The Hole," a literate, intelligent installment in a series that was a cut above the standard Saturday life-action fare. TV  


  1. Jericho has actually been on Tubi since March. About 16 episodes. I watched them and thought it was kind of Mission Impossible in WW2 with a little comedy with the action. Not as brutal as Garrison's Gorillas which I think premiered the same year. Entertaining enough, but not enough to want a re-watch. Garrison's Gorillas on the other hand....

  2. Thanks for all the info, off to check some out now.


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