March 1, 2024

Around the dial

One of the reasons for this website is my belief that classic television has value: not just entertainment value, but something beyond that. Fortunately, David feels the same way at Comfort TV, where he writes about how classic TV inspires still inspires people every day.

At Cult TV Blog, John writes about "Fear of God," an episode of the 1978-80 British anthology series Armchair Thriller. As good as the writeup on the episode is John's comment that "when I started blogging about old TV I had no idea how much like being an archaeologist it is, often like assembling the pieces of a pot and still not being sure about it." You and me both, John.

The View from the Junkyard has moved on to the Tara King era of The Avengers, and, as Roger says, while Tara, unlike Emma Peel, is more typically "a damsel in distress," the series has also become "a huge amount of fun." Typical is this week's reviewed episode, "Game."

The 1970s sitcom Good Times was more than just a popular sitcom and spinoff from Maude: it was, as Terence points out at A Shroud of Thoughts, a historic television series. Find out what makes this series special, and why.

Remember Warren Beatty's big-screen movie Dick Tracy? Martin Grams does, and this week he shares the bizarre story of the battle between Beatty and the Chicago Tribune over movie rights to the story, and how this results in Beatty making 25-minute TV specials—in character as Tracy. Read about it here, and see the latest installment.

At Drunk TV, Paul reviews the 1990 cable movie Psycho IV, which manages to be both "lumpy and unnecessary" and "entertaining." Anthony Perkins returns as the unfortunate Norman Bates, with Olivia Hussey as his equally disturbed mother.

I've written several times about how there was television prior to World War II, and how further development (understandably) went into hibernation during the war. But as the Broadcast Archives recalls, RCA reminded people that after the war, TV would be back

Finally, my latest appearances on the Dan Schneider Video Interview are now up. It's a classic TV doubleheader: first, a look at the legacy of legendary television producer Quinn Martinfollowed by an affectionate salute to Fred RogersTV  

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