July 29, 2016

Around the dial

As usual, a good cross-section of commentary on classic television this week; please click on the links and let my fellow bloggers know you read and appreciate them!

A really interesting piece over at Comfort TV, where David takes a look at series in which characters were recast after the pilot was shot. Would Sharon Tate have been any good on Petticoat Junction? Read on and find out.

British TV Detectives reviews Dalgliesh, the 1980's-'90 staple on Mystery!. I always thought Adam Dalgliesh was just a little too sensitive for my taste, but even so, it was a classic of fine performances and tight stories.

Lincoln X-ray Ida explores a fourth season episode of Adam-12, "The Radical," a crossover with the short-lived Robert Conrad series The D.A.. I swear, Bob Conrad seems to have had as many short-run series as McLean Stevenson, didn't he?

I was never a fan of Lost in Space, although I can remember seeing a few episodes of it when it was originally on. (Of course, back then I didn't go for Star Trek, either.) However, Classic Film and TV Cafe discusses the show's first episode, a few minutes of which I happened to see two or three weeks ago on MeTV, and I have to say the B&W, combined with the slightly more serious tone, made for a pretty good introduction.

At Television's New Frontier: The 1960s, a look at the Ziv-produced Ripcord, one of the staples of Saturday programming in the pages of TV Guide. I was fascinated with this program when I was a kid; I bought the plastic jumper with the parachute that would never work right, and then was sucker enough to buy another one to see if it was any different.

On Wednesday I posted about how political commercials on TV have always been nasty and negative; at The Lucky Strike Papers Andrew shares a piece from a historian about advances in technology, in the 1960s, which affected the coverage of political conventions.

And at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, Ivan gives us the latest update on his health situation. Go to Ivan's blog and wish him the best; you're in our thoughts and prayers! TV  

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