July 1, 2016

Around the dial

We're about to start the July Fourth weekend, so what better than to find some more material for your reading pleasure?

One word for the latest from Some Polish American Guy: Supertrain!

I can't believe it's been 38 years since Bob Crane died. Carol at Vote For Bob Crane remembers Bob on the anniversary of his death and urges us to recall all the happy memories.

What's that, you say? Blogging about every Dark Shadows episode ever made? That's what bare-bones e-zine says, and you can keep up with it here.

I never watched The Electric Company during its first run; my wife, however, was a fan - particularly of Easy Reader, who grew up to be Morgan Freeman. If you're part of that group as well, you won't want to miss Comfort TV's list of the 20 best songs from the show.

Ah, the sinister Doctor Who episode "The War Machines." I think I remember reading about this one long before the First Doctor's episodes made it to this country. As Cult TV points out, it's a great atmospheric look at how the '60s looked at technology.

"Survey Says!" this is one in a nice series of entries about Family Feud, courtesy of Faded Signals.

I'm not much into the musical Hamilton (not my style), but I've always been interested in one of our lesser-credited Founding Fathers, so I'm totally on-board with Recap Retro's recap of James Thurber's story "A Friend to Alexander," as heard on the OTR show Suspense.

At The Hits Just Keep on Comin', jb writes about getting rid of his Magnum Opus collection of cassette tapes. I remember how it was throwing out all my VHS tapes when copying them to DVD, and how we got rid of our vinyl collection without being able to totally afford to replace them all - if you've been there, you'll know how he feels.

You should be back here tomorrow, but if you don't visit again until next week, happy 4th! TV  

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  1. Thanks for linking to my post, sir. I've still got some VHS (with nothing to play them on), but baby steps, I guess.


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