June 1, 2018

Around the dial

We'll start the week with yet another talk show I'd never heard of, courtesy of the Broadcast Archives at the University of Maryland: 1972's The Scoey Mitchell Show, hosted by the actor and comedian.

At Christmas TV History, Joanna visits the Twin Cities (and she didn't even tell us she was coming!), and seeks out the famed Mary Tyler Moore statue on the Nicollet Mall.

Time for another installment of "The Unshakeables" at Comfort TV, and this time David has his eyes on the season three Facts of Life episode "Starstruck," in which Tootie has a tantrum.

Television's New Frontier: the 1960s looks at one of the underappreciated anthology series of the early 60s, The Barbara Stanwyck Show, a program noted for the many big-name guest stars and the Emmy-winning performance of Stanwyck.

Fire-Breathing Dimetrodon Time (have I mentioned what a cool name that is?) reviews "Dead Man's Treasure," a sixth-season episode of The Avengers, that includes a nice link to yours truly as part of a discussion as to whether American television asked the show's producers to be more down-to-earth.

John at Cult TV Blog now has a Region 1 DVD player, which means more shows from across the pond, although I'm pretty partial to the British series he discusses. And no, I don't recall seeing that fetching picture in any Avengers episode, either.

And just a reminder that I'm currently appearing on the Eventually Supertrain podcast, looking at the 1959 WB detective series Bourbon Street Beat with the delightful host Dan Budnick. Do listen to the rest of the episode, of course!

Does that whet your appetite for more? Come on back tomorrow!  TV 

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