August 21, 2020

Around the dial

I enjoy a good quiz as much as anyone, and at Comfort TV, David has a good one: name the classic shows that features these characters. Remember, don't read the comments until you've taken your best shot.

Hal's back to Love That Bob! this week, with the 1959 episode "Bob's Boyhood Love Image," as Schultzy (Ann B. Davis) goes through Bob's past to identify his childhood crush—all the better to learn what Bob's ideal woman is like, so that she can become that woman.

A very nice Dave Garroway ancedote is Jodie's contribution at Garroway at Large, as she explains how a story about Dr. Jonas Salk (who discovered the polio vaccine) can give all of us a little hope of better days ahead.

At Fire-Breathing Dimetroden Time, the focus is on Department S, the 1969-70 British spy series, and the episode "The Duplicated Man," which sounds as if it should be from The Prisoner or The Avengers, concerning someone who may or may not be a double agent.

The movies of Doris Day and Rock Hudson were a staple of network movie shows of the day, and at Classic Film & TV Café, Rick casts his eye on one of their very best, 1959's Pillow Talk, co-starring Tony Randall and Thelma Ritter. A Best Actress nom for Dodo, and Supporting Actress for Ritter.

The Annual "Serling Fest," honoring you-know-you, was postponed this year due to the virus, but that didn't stop the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation from taking the shown online. Shadow & Substance gives us the lineup, and you can catch the presentations at the Foundation's Facebook page.

At The Lucky Strike Papers, Andrew reports on the death of choreographer Tony Charmoli, who worked on Your Hit Parade back in the 1950s. Andrew includes links to a couple of past pieces on Charmoli, who was 99 when he died this month. We should all be so lucky. TV  

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