April 26, 2024

Around the dial

At Realweegiemidget, Gill looks at the 1956 Robert Montgomery Presents version of Sunset Boulevard. Most of us are probably familiar with the classic movie, starring Gloria Swanson and William Holden, but how does this version hold up, with Mary Astor and Darren McGavin? Let's find out!

There's always been controversy about the effect scary television shows have on children. I've never heard of a scary TV lamp, though—at least not until this bit at the Broadcast Archives. TV lamps are, themselves, an interesting subject, so be sure to check out the link within the piece for more.

At Cult TV Blog, John turns his attention to the long-running British series Comedy Playhouse, and the episode, "Elementary, My Dear Watson." If you like Monty Python, John assures us, you'll probably like this Holmes takeoff, with John Cleese as the master detective. Well, I do, so I'll have to watch this!

We've lived in Indiana for 2½ years now, and after having moved so many times, I'd be happy to never see the interior of a moving van again. There are several classic TV families who felt the same way, contemplating moving but deciding to stay put: read about them in David's latest at Comfort TV.

We all know that the growth of television had a major effect on radio, meaning it was up to local DJs to find a formula that would keep them (and their stations) in business. Martin Grams reviews one such example with Janice and Mike Olszewski's book Mad Daddy, a look at the career of Cleveland's legendary Pete Myers.

Terry Carter, whose TV career ranged from military camps to the streets of New York to the stars and beyond, died this week, aged 95. At A Shroud of Thoughts, Terence remembers the actor, whose work included The Phil Silvers Show, McCloud, Battlestar Galactica, and much more.

At Travalanche, it's a look at Edward R. Murrow and his legendary series Person to Person. There's always been something of a dichotomy between Murrow, the hard journalist, and the celebrity interviews he did in Person; learn more about the man, his career, and the show.

"Noon Doomsday" is the latest Avengers episode to get the treatment from Roger and Mike at The View from the Junkyard. It's a Western-themed episode written by Terry Nation, creator of the Daleks, and like most Nation scripts, it has its good points and bad. Does this one have more good than bad?

Finally, A Vintage Nerd looks at the impressive list of classic Hollywood actors who appeared in Rod Serling's Night Gallery. Daffny lists over one hundred of them, and that's quite a list for any series, let alone one with a relatively short run. Makes you want to watch an episode right now. TV  


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