April 12, 2024

Around the dial

All right, we're ready for another week, and we'll start at Comfort TV, where I've been enjoying David's trip through 1970s TV; he's now up to Saturday, 1973, and unless you have a favorite somewhere else, you'll be bowled over by the epic CBS lineup: All in the Family, M*A*S*H, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, and Carol Burnett. Has any other lineup come close?

At Cult TV Blog, John takes on "The Black Tower," one of the adaptations of P.D. James's famous Adam Dalgliesh detective novels, with Roy Marsden as Dalgliesh. I'm always partial to him because his is the Dalgliesh I saw on Mystery! too many years ago; I think you'll like it as much as John does.

The Broadcasting Archives has a brief but neat post, complete with picture, about Garroway at Large, the 1949-54 series starring Dave Garroway (who else?), which provides an outstanding example of what came to be known as the "Chicago Style" of TV, furthered on Today.

This is from last year, but it's new to me, so it counts: at A Vintage Nerd, it's 10 hard-to-find classic TV shows. Some of them are harder to find than others, but a little effort will turn most of them up, and you'll find they're worth it.

A View from the Junkyard returns to the world of The Avengers (I should say that we return to it, since I've linked to other things the past couple of weeks), and the Steed/Tara episode "All Done with Mirrors." involving spies, a telescope, and a lighthouse. What more do you need? 

How old does a show have to be to qualify as "classic"? I've often wondered whether or not what I write about is really more like "vintage" TV, but regardless, 15 years is probably long enough, and since I live in Indiana, I can hardly ignore Terence's take on Parks and Recreation at A Shroud of Thoughts.

You'll remember my review last week of Lon Davis's terrific book Stumbling into Film History, and this week Lon appears on Richard Skipper Celebrates to discuss his book, and more. Sit back and relax, and let Lon take you back to a wonderful and fascinating time! TV  


  1. While my daughter was recovering at our house from her broken ankle two months ago, she made us watch Parks and Rec. It was only fair since we made her sit through our favorites. I laughed a few times, but not enough to make me want to see more.
    I despise the "mockumentary", 'shaky cam' shows that seem to think HOW they make a show is paramount to everything else. Things like...writing? To be honest, it wasn't awful, it just didn't 'grab me'. If it was done without that distracting style I might be more interested.
    But in the end we comprised. She won't make us watch Parks and Rec, and we won't make her watch Last of the Summer Wine.

  2. Thank you for sharing my blog and blog post Mitchell! I am enjoying exploring your blog-such fun!! xox


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