July 5, 2019

Around the dial

Inner Toob kicks off the week with a fun piece that links three performances by Carl Betz: on Felony Squad, where he plays defense attorney Clinton Judd in part one of a two-part story, which concludes on his own show, Judd for the Defense, and a third role, that of an "unhinged" prosecutor in—Pat Paulson's Half a Comedy Hour.

The second Alfred Hitchcock script by Arthur A. Ross is the ninth-season story, "The Evil of Adelaide Winters," an episode I haven't seen yet. But Jack has, and he tells us all about it at bare-bones e-zine.

At The Horn Section, Hal's onto "Bullet from the Grave," the wonderfully-named episode of Get Christie Love! with Eric Braeden (who's moved on from Hans Gudegast by this point), who's always good as the bad guy.

I never collected Megos myself—didn't get past G.I. Joe and Major Matt Mason—but David does, and he shares the ten best classic TV Megos at Comfort TV.

Television Obscurities continues the "Year in TV Guide" project with this week's look at the issue of July 1, 1989. I'm always amused by the prices for movies listed in the Video Cassette Report: $89.99 for The Last Temptation of Christ??

Arte Johnson died earlier this week at the age of 90; at A Shroud of Thoughts, Terence remembers the career of the Laugh-In star, who should be known for much more.

Enjoy the long holiday weekend; back tomorrow with another entertaining TV Guide. TV  

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