July 12, 2019

Around the dial

We'll kick off the week with David's observation at Comfort TV on five classic TV series that should have had a Christmas episode. I really like the idea of a Hogan's Heroes episode, and I love David's idea for The Fugitive—a cliche? No, just the right story.

When I lived in The World's Worst Town™, television was pretty much a wasteland. Circle of Fear was one of the shows we got, and while it might not have been the greatest, it was a badly-needed diversion—so I'm glad to link to RealWeegieMidget's look at it.

Television Obscurities continues the look back at TV Guide 20 years ago, and in the July 8, 1989 issue we have the best and worst of TV. Sadly, when I look at the highlights from the listings, I see a lot of the worst and not much of the best. . .

Too many figures from classic television are passing on, but we'll look at just one: Rip Torn, who's remembered for many reasons, but could be remembered for many more, including some very fine TV work in the 1950s and '60s. Terence covers it at A Shroud of Thoughts.

There's more, I'm sure, but it's late and I've got a headache, and I need to save some of these little grey cells for another TV Guide on Saturday. TV  

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  1. Also passing away was Denise Nickerson from Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory and later The Electric Company.


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