September 23, 2022

Around the dial

Like that image up there? It's from tomorrow's TV Guide, and while I don't usually tell you what's coming up, I'm making an exception in the case of the 1954-55 Fall Preview edition. Don't you love the idea of people dressing up in tuxes and evening gowns to watch television? After all, what would any good cocktail party be without a little entertainment from the TV? Anyway, I think you'll enjoy the issue, but then I always do.

I'd also like to remind you that I still have two copies of The Electronic Mirror available for anyone who wants them, free (plus shipping and handling). At the same time, thanks to those of you who emailed me requesting copies. (And a particular thank you to a generous reader who left a very kind tip for me that is much appreciated. You know who you are!)

Finally, my apologies for taking a long time replying to comments. It's a disturbingly busy period here at HQ right now, with some not-terribly welcome intrusions for me to deal with. Nothing life-threatening, but it will be a welcome time when they're gone. And now down to business.

We've got a double dose of links this week, starting with Jack's latest Hitchcock Project at bare-bones e-zine. It's the third and final contribution of Kathleen Hite's to the show, the fourth-season "The Morning of the Bride," an excellent adaptation with Don Dubbins, Barbara Bel Geddes, and Pat Hitchcock. 

At Comfort TV, we've got a pair from David: first, a look back at the days (and I remember them), when the best remedy for a cold was to "get to bed." Good advice back then, and it tells a lot about what things were like back then. There's also this review of Linda Evans' top TV moments. I can think of a couple—The Big Valley and Dynasty, of course. Why, what did you think I meant?

There's also a pair from John at Cult TV Blog; a reconstruction of the Avengers season one story "The Springers," featuring John Steed and Dr. David Keel—yes, one of the episodes where Steed had a male sidekick. We're also treated to a review of the BBC podcast The Lovecraft Investigations and the episode "The Whisperer in Darkness."

Gotta like this picture of a tin toy NBC remote camera truck over at the Broadcasting Archives. I had toys like this when I was little, but they were toy tanks or race cars or rocket ships. Don't get me wrong; I love all those things, but how cool would this have been?

At Bob Crane: Life & Legacy, Carol shares her thoughts on providing commentary for the Blu-Ray of the season two Night Gallery episode "House, With Ghost," starring Bob, Jo Anne Worley, and Bernard Fox. Reason enough to have this in the library.

Martin Grams provides a recap, in pictures and words, of this year's Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention. I used to be able to give you this myself, back when we went every year, and perhaps I'll be able to do that again sometime in the future. Fun times.

At A Shroud of Thoughts, Terence looks back at the life and career of Henry Silva, who died last week, aged 96, and offers an appreciation on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the premier of the venerable Western The Virginian

Hopefully that will keep you all busy until tomorrow, when you can find out about the rest of that TV Guide. TV  


  1. Thank you for another mention! I came to see whether you'd mentioned me again wondering which post if you had. My money would have been on the Avengers post but you were kind enough to mention both! I'm very chuffed because I don't think that Lovecraft podcast is known enough. I'm just afraid I'm not dressed appropriately to view TV in 1954...

  2. Thanks, Mitchell! I hope things improve for you soon.


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