September 30, 2022

Around the dial

I'm still having this kind of lethargic feeling, almost a sort of acedia, which is, of course, my problem and not yours, and I bring it up only because I'm not on the ball as much as usual. It could be that Classic TV & Film Café has the very answer for me, where Rick reviews Charles Bronson's action-thriller, The Stone Killer, with a standout supporting cast including Martin Balsam, Norman Fell, Stuart Margolin, and Ralph Waite. Sometimes a good shoot-out or two is just what the doctor ordered!

At Comfort TV, David continues his journey through 1970s TV with Saturday night in 1970. I've mentioned this before, but one of the most striking changes in television over the years is how Saturday, now pretty much of a wasteland, used to be one of the biggest nights of the week; you can see evidence of it here.

The Horn Section looks at an episode of the 1987-88 Stephen Cannell series J.J. Starbuck, starring an actor I've always enjoyed, Dale Robertson. Hal explains what's good and bad about the series, and why, considering its timeslot, it never really had a good chance at success.

The Young Ones is a British series that used to run on MTV, and a series I never got into, but at Cult TV Blog, John as a good rundown on a particular feature of the series: someone called "The Fifth Horseman." Intrigued? You should be.

On Monday, Terence celebrated the 60th anniversary of the legendary sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies with a very good review of the series over at A Shroud of Thoughts. It's a show that has popped up here frequently, with authors from Dan Budnik to Malcom Muggeridge discussing its meaning; Terence's article is a welcome addition.

That should keep you busy for awhile, and in the meantime, I'll try to figure out if maybe I'm just plain lazy. TV  

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