July 19, 2019

Around the dial

Seeing as how we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of man's first steps on the moon, it seems appropriate to start with Jordan's review at The Twilight Zone Vortex of the fourth-season episode, "The Parallel," a mediocre yet intriguing story of bad things that can happen to you if you fly into space.

Britain's newspaper The Sun isn't necessarily the most family-friendly source you can find, but this week it offers this fascinating story of how the BBC almost missed Neil Armstrong's giant leap for mankind.

At bare-bones e-zine, Jack's Hitchcock Project on writer Arthur A. Ross takes us to the ninth-season episode "Anyone for Murder?" a droll look at marital murder for-hire with Barry Nelson, Patricia Breslin, Edward Andrews, and Richard Dawson.

It's F Troop Friday at The Horn Section, and for our viewing pleasure, Hal looks at "The Girl From Philadelphia," featuring a rare siting of former No Time for Sergeants co-star Laurie Sibbald, as well as an appearance by former Tammy star Linda Marshall.

At Cult TV Blog, John travels to the land of The X-Files and looks at "The Erlenmeyer Flask," one of the show's all-time great episodes; the first-season finale, and the end of the character known and loved as "Deep Throat."

Two of my favorite personalities celebrate birthdays on the same day this week, as covered by two of my favorite people: Carol celebrates Bob Crane's birthday at Bob Crane Life & Legacy, while Jodie honors the Old Tiger, Dave Garroway, at Garroway at Large.

At Television's New Frontier: The 1960s, we're introduced to the 1961 Australian Western series Whiplash, starring Peter Graves, based more or less on a true story, which was syndicated in the United States and other countries.

One more moon story for the week: the July 15, 1989 TV Guide features Isaac Asimov discussing what he'd do on the moon. That plus a story on Sesame Street, the highlights from TV 30 years ago,  and much more at Television ObscuritiesTV  


  1. Thanks, Mitchell! Will you be at Nostalgia Con? I'm hoping to make it Friday.

    1. I wish - but alas, not this year. Unemployment (and the consequent temp assignments until a permanent job comes along) makes the bank balance a little low for traveling this year. I know, I should write another book while I've got the time...


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