January 7, 2022

Around the dial

Let's see—why don't we start this week over at Classic TV & Film Café, where Rick shares with us seven things to know about Yvonne Craig, the one and only Batgirl. There was, of course, much more to her than that, and now's your chance to find out.

The Twilight Zone Vortex returns, and it's about time, with a story that's, well, about time—the 1963 episode "A Kind of Stopwatch." It's not without its flaws, but as Brian points out, it has its good points as well. See what you think.

At Garroway at Large, Jodie takes a moment to offer a warm and heartfelt remembrance of Dave Garroway Jr., the Master Communicator's son, who passed away a little less than a year ago. Not only was he of enormous help in Jodie's bio, he sounds like the kind of man who was just good to know.

Meanwhile, at Cult TV Blog, John writes about Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense—not the Hammer House of Horror that we might be more familiar with—and the episode "In Possession," disorienting, perhaps cheaply made, but worth watching.

As someone said, 2021 couldn't resist getting one last lick in, with Betty White's death on New Year's Eve, virtually the eve of her 100th birthday, and at A Shroud of Thoughts, Terence has a wonderful look back at the life of a remarkable woman. TV  

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